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Meet the family behind Family Money School

What is Family Money School?

Family Money School is the premiere educational destination to inspire your kids to live the life of their dreams and give them the financial foundation to thrive!!

Whatever your age and stage, Family Money School provides premium personal finance courses, resources and support for both parents and kids. Not matter how old your kids, there’s a uniquely tailored course perfect for your family with tips, tricks and resources to raise a money genius. Because even though the times we live in are uncertain, your child’s financial future doesn’t have to be.

But Family Money School isn’t like other personal finance resources out there. So what makes it better than other courses designed to teach kids about money?

First, it’s designed by an educator and school administrator with 15 years of classroom experience and a Masters in Education.  In addition, there are thousands of hours of research, instruction, and preparation behind the courses. And finally, Family Money School takes an organized, focused approach so there’s no information overload for students or parents. The curriculum was crafted by insanely busy parents with insanely busy parents and kids in mind. So don’t worry, you don’t need to be a money expert or math whiz to teach your kids.

In a world full of hyperconsumers, there are only so many years to get your kids ready for the “real-world”.


Family Money School helps parents give their kiddos the rock-solid money foundation they need to thrive as adults.