8 Powerful Lessons to Teach Your Kids About Money

This post contains affiliate links. Today I’ve got a killer guest post from one of my best buddies in the blogging world, Aaron from Personal Finance For Beginners. Aaron is one of the up and coming rockstars in the personal finance world and he has a real passion for teaching people how to crush their […]

10 Epic Christmas Songs And Money: Get In The Spirit And Get Rich

This post contains affiliate links It’s that time of the year again. There’s a chill in the air, snow on the ground, and Jack Frost is most definitely nipping at noses (at least where I live). One of the best parts of Christmas HAS to be the music. I mean, who doesn’t love the merry […]

8 Unsurpassed Life Lessons That Will Empower You To Be Outstanding

This post contains affiliate links. My grandpa was my hero and role model.  A bright, warm ray of sunshine to comfort and encourage me when maybe things weren’t always so sunny.  Grandpa would instantly brighten any situation he entered. I’ll never forget the way he’d excitedly say “Hiya guy” whenever we saw or talked to […]

The Fun Ratio – A New Value Scale

This post contains affiliate links. Buying stuff gets a bad rap sometimes, especially in the personal finance space. With extreme frugality examples like showering at work, mending your underwear, and living on ramen noodles being held up as some sort of perfect ideal to aspire to, it’s not cool to say you like stuff. But […]

Why I Always Say Yes When My Kids Ask Me To Buy Them Stuff

This post contains affiliate links   We live in an age of lies. Politicians lie. Athletes lie (thanks Lance – not that I’m still bitter). And my two year old lies. Whether it’s Donald Trump, Lance Armstrong, or junior telling me he washed his hands after using the potty, it’s hard to tell what’s real […]

10 Crazy Simple Ideas For How To Make Money As A Kid

Today I’ve got a killer guest post from Bull, the creator of BlueDollarBull. Bull is passionate about helping people create intergenerational wealth. A big part of that is teaching children about money and finding great ideas for how to make money as a kid to grow their earning muscles. That’s what this week’s post is […]