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Life is unpredictable

Your child's financial future doesn't have to be.
At Family Money School, we'll help you raise a financially-savvy kiddo who will become a money-wise adult.

Family Money School parents no longer struggle with:

Confident Families, Thriving Kids

As parents, we know what it feels like to worry that you’re not doing enough to prepare your child or teen to meet the financial challenges of adulthood in an uncertain and chaotic world. You want to give your kiddo the money skills and foundation they need to be confident with money and to financially thrive as an adult, but you’re not sure how to make it happen. Teaching children and teens about money can feel boring, complicated and time-consuming. And with kids of our own, we understand how it can fall through the cracks in the busyness of life.

That’s why we created Family Money School. Family Money School provides online money courses for kids of all ages to take the pressure off of you in this challenging area. With us as your trusted side-kick, you can devote more of your time and energy to the parts of parenting you most enjoy and less time to worrying about your kiddo’s financial future.

As a teacher with over 15 years of classroom experience from elementary to high school and a Master’s of Education, high-quality teaching is my specialty. And as a personal finance expert and writer featured in numerous mainstream media publications and blogs, equipping kids to be money-wise adults is my passion.

With Family Money School you can be confident your children are getting the instruction, skills, practice and coaching they need to become wisdom-filled, money-savvy adults.


Raising a money-wise kiddo is simple.


Choose a course

Select the course that’s the best fit for your kiddo’s age and stage


Complete The Modules

Students watch the fun and engaging video-based lessons and complete the companion student activities


Raise a Money Genius

Stop worrying about your child’s financial future and instead enjoy the peace that comes with having a money-wise kiddo

At Family Money School, we know you’re the kind of parent who wants to be confident you’ve taught your kids everything they need to know about money to be successful as adults in a crazy and uncertain world.

In order to make that a reality, you need a convenient, fun, and engaging way to teach your kids about money. The problem is you’re already stretched thin and don’t know where to begin. This can make you feel guilty that you’re not doing enough as a parent and worried about your kid’s financial future.

We believe every parent should be confident their child or teen has the money skills needed to thrive as an adult. We understand what it feels like to worry about your kiddo’s future. That’s why we created Family Money School, your one-stop hub for everything you need to raise a money genius.

Here’s how it works. Simply choose the course that’s the ideal fit for your child or teen based on their age. Depending on their age, you or your kiddo then watches the online video sessions and completes the highly engaging and interactive student activities that come with the sessions. Then, stop worrying about whether or not your kiddo has the money skills and knowledge to be a successful adult. Finally, sit back and enjoy the wonderful feeling of contentment and confidence that comes with raising a money-wise kid.

If you want to give your kiddo the money foundation they need to thrive as an adult,
If you're tired of worrying about your teen's financial future,
If you want to raise a money rock star...

We can help


Give Your Kiddo the Financial Foundation to Thrive

Young Money Adventures

(Ages 12 and under)


Using hands-on activities, engaging resources and proven teaching techniques, parents will lay a solid foundation for their kid’s future success with money

Money Genius Academy

(Ages 13-18)


Over 50 engaging and inspiring teacher-crafted lessons and activities designed to give teens all the skills and knowledge they need to be thriving, money-wise adults

Ultimate Family Money School

(Best Value)


Crafted to meet the needs of families with kids of all ages, this course bundle provides age-appropriate financial education for
children and teens as they grow and mature